Since 1982 Evangelist Paul Schwanke has been used of God to preach revival meetings at Independent Baptist Churches around the world.  The promise of God is that His word will never return void, and the power of the Bible is still changing lives in this day.  You are invited to hear Evangelist Schwanke for an evening of preaching straight from the Bible.

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The newest book from Evangelist Schwanke looks at the incredible story of the Book of Ruth. M&M’s or Skittles reminds all of us that our lives are the results of our choices. Young and old, we all have to stand at the crossroads and choose “whom we will serve.”

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Our culture reminds us on a daily basis that justice is often denied. We watch criminals walk in freedom while the innocent suffer. Evil seems to win, and we wonder, “Where is God in all of this?” Paul Schwanke goes to The Book of Obadiah to deliver the timely reminder for the ages of time. Like the citizens of Jerusalem, we can trust the timing of God.

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