Books by Paul Schwanke

Major Messages from Minor Prophets Series
With the latest title from the Book of Obadiah, Boomerang, six of the twelve prophets are covered in this series. Revival’s Secret describes the mighty preaching of Zephaniah. Sick and Tired deals with the condition of God’s people in the days of Malachi. Incurable tells the story of Micah’s burden. The Pro vs. the Prophet describes the battle between Amos and the religious establishment. Boomerang details the message God gave to Obadiah promising that the day would come where Edom would reap what it had sown. The prophets of old have messages desperately needed in our present day.

The Front Two Rows Series
A youth pastor once told me, “Our ministry changed when we stopped preaching to the back three rows and started preaching to the front two rows.” This series is designed for young people in Independent Baptist Churches who are serious about the Will of God. In addition to the two titles above, preaching designed for the ‘Front Two Rows’ is also available at the Media Page.

The Magnify the Word Series
The newest additions are a series of mini-books written to honor the Bible. The first title, Peter and His Bible, looks at the momentous moment in Peter’s life where he saw the glory of Christ. Later, Peter holds his Bible and calls it “more sure.” The second title, David and His Bible, turns to Psalm 12. David faces numerous enemies and their slander, yet it is the Bible that changes everything. The newest title, The Sower and His Bible, examines the ground where the seed of the Word falls. Since God has magnified the Bible above His name, we would do well to honor the Word of God.

Other Titles by Evangelist Schwanke